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Going underground

We visited this cave which included an underground lake earlier this month. As soon as we entered, James kept saying, “This is cool. This is so cool.” (and he didn’t mean the temp which was about 57 degrees) We learned … Continue reading

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Movies and the real world

We watched The Patriot tonight. Certainly an intense and bloody movie that mom had to turn her head away from a time or two. Very sad. In one scene Gabriel, the oldest son of Benjamin Martin (the Mel Gibson character), … Continue reading

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This song makes me happy. “Don’t worry that it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear. Just sing…Sing a song.”

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The Voice

Woke up thinking about this song this morning. Always feel sad about Karen Carpenter and what a loss to the vocal world when she died. But then again, thanks to recordings, her voice isn’t too far away. I was just … Continue reading

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Cool sunset…

….don’t you think?

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June 23, 2001 – My own apron

This is installment two of remembrances of 10 years ago. Here is exciting installment one. On this day 10 years ago Jack had his first visit to my family’s farm about 70 miles from the big city. We drove out … Continue reading

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Watching an approaching storm

This system reminded me of a scene in Independence Day with the mothership approaching planet Earth. In a couple of pictures you might notice my two intrepid watchers. Jack took the opportunity to have a little meteorology lesson with James. … Continue reading

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Nature study behind Waffle House

Yes, it can happen anywhere! Narration by the Dad (head of our Geology Dept.) coming soon.

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Teaching and Knowing History

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal historian David McCullough discusses the historical illiteracy of students (who, of course, grow up to be us big people), even from the most esteemed institutions. He speaks of a young woman who … Continue reading

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A new thought

For many years I would wander by the baby department and think how cute and soft everything looked and wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a baby to dress and wrap in all that cute and soft stuff. Then we … Continue reading

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