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Review: Little Women (2019)

The following represents my feelings and thinking just after watching the Little Women film on its opening, Christmas Day 2019. My feelings and thinking, as they are wont to do, may change over time. ____________________________________________ When I was in 2nd … Continue reading

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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

I was thinking this morning of older (in the eyes of some) friends who are continuing to learn and grow. They read and discuss good literature and philosophies of education and living. I pondered if a person could see a … Continue reading

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Dear Politicians (of “both” parties)

Guest Post by Jack Pelham Dear Politicians (of “both” parties)— Imagine that your rhetoric were all going on the record, and that you’d be held completely accountable for it someday by someone with complete authority to put you where you … Continue reading

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History and Political Games: A Glimpse into the Education of James Pelham

On 30 January 1939 — the sixth anniversary of his coming to power — Hitler told the Reichstag that in order to feed its population, Germany would need Lebensraum — living space. He then called Czechoslovakia to reduce the size … Continue reading

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