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Going on a Bear Hunt

Jack found scat one day last week, and suspects it might belong to a bear. I’ll spare you the pictures of that, but I will share pictures of the camera and bait that he and James set up to see … Continue reading

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Take a hike, James!

Scenes from a recent hike James took with his Dad.

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Going underground

We visited this cave which included an underground lake earlier this month. As soon as we entered, James kept saying, “This is cool. This is so cool.” (and he didn’t mean the temp which was about 57 degrees) We learned … Continue reading

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Cool sunset…

….don’t you think?

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Watching an approaching storm

This system reminded me of a scene in Independence Day with the mothership approaching planet Earth. In a couple of pictures you might notice my two intrepid watchers. Jack took the opportunity to have a little meteorology lesson with James. … Continue reading

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Nature study behind Waffle House

Yes, it can happen anywhere! Narration by the Dad (head of our Geology Dept.) coming soon.

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Connecting with “weeds”

I wanted to be a part of the Nature Connections May edition, so I dug up these videos James made when we were doing a study of dandelions earlier in the month. He was to make pictures at different times … Continue reading

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The company he keeps

Copying this from the comments in the previous post. Just an example of the sweet surprises I get from time to time. Last night we went to see the “African Cats” movie. It followed a year in the life of … Continue reading

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Chickadee and Woodpecker

One picture didn’t upload on the last post. Here she is and a close-up, as well as a close-up of the Woodpecker that you might not have noticed in the last post.

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Easter Nature Walk

In awe and gratitude to the firstborn of all creation and the firstborn from the dead — the One in whom all things were created, those in the heavens and those upon the earth. (Colossians 1)

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