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He Keeps Me Singing

I was a sad girl when I met Jack Pelham in November of 1998. My younger brother (and best friend) had died from cancer in July, and my grief was unbearable at times. Three months after my brother’s death, I … Continue reading

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Get Out 2020

Oh, my people, I have so much to be writing about. As always. It is overwhelming. Thinking and wondering and making connections, or trying to, all the time. It is tiring, actually. My son and I are reading so many … Continue reading

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We have finished our school year and have been away from home. Just wanted anyone who pops in here to know I haven’t given up the ship. I’m thinking of a wrap-up post of our school year. And I’ve still … Continue reading

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I must know why

Yesterday I was reading Chapter 1 “Fingerprints” from Tobias Dantzig’s NUMBER: The Language of Science. Very fascinating stuff to me about primitive ways of counting –or not– and theories of how different numbering systems developed. I got stuck on pg. … Continue reading

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Communicating or The Order of Brethren against the propagation of the legend of the Lost Colony

One morning late last year Jack was sitting at the dining room table eating breakfast and I was sitting on the couch in the living room doing who knows what. I hear him say these words, “How many people who … Continue reading

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Initial Musings on Sir Thomas More’s Utopia

I am currently working my way through Sir Thomas More’s Utopia. I’m a third of the way through and I don’t know what the author’s conclusion will be.  Is he fer or agin it? Does he believe this ideal society … Continue reading

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Father and Son

I do have some things on my mind to write about, but for today I’m going to copy my last post from the old blog. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Yesterday’s math lesson turned into an extended life talk with Dad.  Mom went to … Continue reading

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