Kids do say the darndest things

Earlier today when the neighborhood kids were still in school, James asked if they wanted to play at his house (meaning yard), would that be okay. I told him it would be fine, but they probably should not go in the garage because of Dad’s tools. Sure enough, the kids come home from school and are riding bikes around and want to hang out in James’ yard. James comes to the door to double-check with me and I say it is okay. And then I hear him yell out to the front yard, “It’s okay,

but you can’t go in the garage because there’s stuff in there you shouldn’t see.”

Oh, great! I hiss at him, “Don’t say that. Tell them you have to check with your Dad.” And so he repeats that to them.

Now I’m wondering what the talk is around the neighborhood about what the Pelhams have in their garage.

And I’m wondering when we’ll get our visit from the Sheriff.

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