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The Octave and Home

I have a million things to write about. So much I am constantly learning and want to share. It’s really overwhelming, and the more I delay writing, the more is piled on in my heart and head, and my overwhelmitude … Continue reading

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For the Delight of It

As many of my friends have learned, my son fills up restaurant napkins (and this Thanksgiving, his napkin at our hosts’ table) with his math wonderings. We’ve had servers and bussers at a couple of our often-visited restaurants recently say, … Continue reading

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Math Wars

Before I continue with the beautiful and glowing reports of our History, Geography, Literature readings and Art and Music studies as promised in the last post, I’m going to share the hardest battle we’ve have this school term. (Funny that … Continue reading

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I must know why

Yesterday I was reading Chapter 1 “Fingerprints” from Tobias Dantzig’s NUMBER: The Language of Science. Very fascinating stuff to me about primitive ways of counting –or not– and theories of how different numbering systems developed. I got stuck on pg. … Continue reading

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