Educational History

BA Music/Piano Performance

MM Piano Pedagogy

Piano lessons from age 7 to graduate school level

Literature classes and webinars with House of Humane Letters (over a dozen classes and webinars taken at this point), including year-long courses How to Read Literature with Angelina Stanford and The Faerie Queene with Kelly Cumbee

Educational philosophy classes and discussion groups, including 6-week course with Karen Glass on her book In Vital Harmony, Cindy Rollins studies through the Charlotte Mason volumes, Stratford Caldecott’s Beauty in the Word, and other works

Annual Literary Life conferences since 2019

Annual Back to School conferences since 2019

Annual Moms Summer Discipleship course with Cindy Rollins since 2019

House of Humane Letters Fellowship (2022- )


Norms & Nobility, reading and study group, March, 2023 –

Charlotte Mason writings, study and discussion with Cindy Rollins Patreon group

House of Humane Letters Fellowship (2022 – )

Introduction to Arithmetic, Nicomachus of Gerasa, September 2023 – May, 2024, taught by Kelly Cumbee and Esther Bills