Things I learned this week from 2nd grade

Here’s a brief list of things I learned, or at least was reminded of, as I prepared and then taught our lessons this week.

  • Arithmetic is spelled with an E in the 3rd syllable and not an A. Even the Dad questioned it when James challenged him to a little game of Hangman.
  • Robin Hood became an outlaw after mistakenly killing one of the king’s deer and then killing the man who shot at him because he was mad that young Robin was able to do it. I always assumed Robin simply began his life of living outside the law because “the Law” was unfair to the poor and favored the rich.
  • Found Lapland on the map above Finland. Thought I would find it at the top of Norway.
  • Einstein said, “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” Heard that when James and I were participating in an online class about fairy tales and folk tales.
  • During Joan of Arc’s time, France had this line across the middle separating the territory controlled by the English from that over which the French king still had control. Poor Joan and family lived in this bitty area completely separated from the rest of France by the English controlled area.
  • Marco Polo wrote the journals of his travels from prison.
  • I was completely fascinated by mussels and these cables that they shoot out to attach themselves to rocks.
  • Located Cape Horn on the map. Had some memory of Cape-something at the bottom of Africa. Oh there it is! bottom of South America.
  • While searching for a picture of Dante to add to our Book of Centuries, James asked why he looked so sad and stern in all the pictures. After reading that he was banished from his beloved hometown of Florence and threatened with being burned alive if he should ever return, we think we might understand why.
  • Chopin’s mother was his first piano teacher. At some point his parents decided to hire a teacher. The interesting thing was this teacher did not play the piano, but was a violinist. It is said that not having a piano teacher who played piano enabled Chopin to develop his own style — something which has turned out to be a blessing for all of us. Having a Master’s degree in Piano, I must have learned this in one or more of my classes, but I sure didn’t remember this little story. Maybe I won’t forget this time.

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