Outside my window

Not a great shot, but I’m glad I caught it through the blinds and through the screen. We put this feeder up last fall (full of seed) and I never saw a bird at it all fall. We even made trails of seed, trying to lure them to it, but nobirdy ever showed. After being in storage for the winter, Jack just put it back up this morning a little further away from my window than last fall, and even without any seed in it, look who came to visit!

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3 Responses to Outside my window

  1. What fun you’ll have watching the birds – wonder how many different kinds will show up??

  2. Kay Pelham says:

    According to the package of small seed, I’m guaranteed wild finches. We put another feeder up with sunflower seeds and it promises me large birds. I’m posting pictures soon of our visitors today. We’ve been having lots of fun with our cameras. Jack took my screen out and washed my window too!

  3. Hopefully you guys will have many visitors this year.
    My children have been enjoying taking pictures also.

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