The Literary Life of Kay Pelham

I had the joy of spending 105 minutes chatting with two of the most brilliant, honest, humble, and kind women on this planet. As things go, and especially when you’re dealing with 60 years on this planet, we barely scratched the surface. But I do hope that the message that it is never too late to “start over” in ways is heard in our chat. And that we can never know it all, but what a kick life is that we can keeping learning so many beautiful things.

I was blessed in my life with a rich literary beginning, due mostly to my family life. I had some empty middle years, which were briefly mentioned in this interview. And then an even richer literary life came to me beginning in the last third of my life (so far) in teaching my son, particularly because of following the philosophy of Charlotte Mason, and in recent years with Cindy Rollins‘ online groups, the Literary Life podcast, and classes with House of Humane Letters.

You can listen to our chat here:

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