Lose Yourself, Find Yourself

Quick thought that will maybe get fleshed out or expanded or whatever you want to call that. Here’s a couple of quotes from some great minds:

But in reading great literature I become a thousand men and yet remain myself. Like the night sky in the Greek poem, I see with a myriad eyes, but it is still I who see. Here, as in worship, in love, in moral action, and in knowing, I transcend myself; and am never more myself than when I do. ~C.S. Lewis

It’s magic, really. Don’t go looking for yourself in a story (mirror, mirror on the wall), but in losing yourself in the story, you end up finding yourself better than you would have had you gone in making it all about you.” ~the not as eloquent Kay Pelham

There is a modern trend that seeks to find one’s self in a story. It’s practically become a mania to be represented in story. And then there are those that are madly looking for ‘what can I learn about myself’, even the seemingly noble ‘how can I be a better person?’, from this story.

But that’s just not how story works. Real stories, that is. Not that propaganda not well disguised as story. Real stories have never worked that way, and never will.

This PSA brought to you by this guy

and this girl…..still learning…

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