Recent changes to my blog (subtitle: please click on Welcome)

In the past month I have been redesigning and restructuring my blog to facilitate my new ventures since my retirement as a homeschool mom. It’s still a work in progress, particularly with my course descriptions.

In case you came here via a link to a specific post, you may want to click on Welcome at the left of the menu bar to learn more about me. Under that heading are a few other pages, but clicking on Welcome itself will take you to my main front page.

I will still be writing thoughts inspired by my readings and discussions of educational philosophy. I just can’t stop even though I’m officially retired as a homeschool mom. I do remain active in teaching piano, and I am hoping to grow my story and reading teaching life. My intent is to focus more on posts inspired by my readings and discussions of the literary tradition, as well as my continued involvement with music.

So please click on Welcome and tell me if it makes you feel that way.

A terribly unflattering picture of me with my successfully schooled son, enjoying our more free time since his graduation. That is, until he became gainfully employed, being both a blessing and a curse of our successful Charlotte Mason education. I really miss spending all day with him.
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