Recent Stuff (Fall classes, Fellowship Retreat and maybe more)

I’ve been working some on this website since my last blog post in May, so I thought I should make another post here since all my work doesn’t show up there in the sidebar.

I’ve added Course Descriptions for my Story, Rhyme, & Song classes. Click on the ‘What I Offer’ tab above, and on that page you’ll see the link to the descriptions. So exciting! It’s like a treasure hunt!

For five days in July I was in mugglicious North Carolina for our HHL Fellowship retreat. The weather was hot and sticky, but the learning and fellowship was even hotter, and I hope most of it stuck. It is such a privilege to be in this company of women, and I am honored to have been asked to come back for another year. We’re all already mourning that there will not be a third — they just must allow another group to have their chance — but we are plotting ways of staying together and continuing to learn and encourage each other on this journey full of delight and intrigue. What a Fellowship!

Hmmmm….what can I add for the ‘maybe more’? I’ve been enjoying some of the ‘time off’ from more intense readings (although I have a hard time staying away from that) by reading detective novels. I’ve been getting a kick out of how all my ‘how to read’ instruction from Angelina and Kelly is making the images and metaphors just fly out of this lighter reading, the best of which is written in that great literary tradition.

I’ve still been teaching piano this summer. Pray for me as I do my fall schedule. I might have gotten myself into some trouble taking on several new students with hopes to shove them and my returning students into those few after school hours. It always seems to work out; hopefully, my luck hasn’t run out.

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