We have finished our school year and have been away from home. Just wanted anyone who pops in here to know I haven’t given up the ship. I’m thinking of a wrap-up post of our school year. And I’ve still been reading and thinking and pondering and such, so I do have things to say. It’s just not always easy for me to give the time to put it all in words.

We’ll also be busy at the pool. Yesterday James had his first day in the pool for 2011 and he got back in the “swim of things” very quickly. He and Dad are enjoying their games. Yesterday at the pool, before Jack arrived, I overheard James tell another kid, “My dad taught me to not be afraid. My dad taught me to swim.” I love hearing that. I love the “My dad taught me…” part. I am so grateful that James has a dad that he trusts and loves; a dad that hasn’t farmed out responsibilities for his son; a dad that teaches him to “not be afraid.”

This photo is from their pool fun last summer

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  1. Katie says:

    We spend quite a bit of time at the pool in the summer, too. I do some of my best school planning there. I read and read, and bring my laptop and write, and load up assignments in the homeschool tracker.

    Can’t wait to read your end-of-year post! I am going to write one of those too– but so far, all I have is the title. ;o)

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