A moment with Edna

For the sake of having another blog post for this month,  I’ll post this story that I shared with my Facebook world today. (I’m so lame at this blogging thing. My excuse this time is that in this month we have taken a cross-country trip that required 3 weeks of our lives and we moved to a new and very wonderful home upon our return. Still settling in. Hopefully, I’ll have great shots to share from our “new” camera that the very thoughtful Sandy Pelham passed on to us.)


One of my favorite stories about my Mom (PG-13 warning!)

From time to time in my younger years my mother would come up with some very witty remarks. This is definitely my favorite. I hope I can set the scene well and do the moment justice. First of all, you must understand that my mother (now age 79) was full-time housewifing and mothering (5 children) when it was becoming quite uncool to be so. Most women of her generation were entering the outside-the-home workforce. We were at a shower (baby or wedding, I can’t remember) at the Moline, IL Church of Christ building. At some point in the evening the discussion turned into a lot of stories about their jobs at offices and local factories. Mom kept silent as they all discussed a life that she didn’t share.  As the conversations were reaching a lull, Mom speaks up and says, “Well, I think I have the best job of all.” There must have been several women at the shower who were not members of that church and did not know my mother or what her job was. Several leaned forward and with sincere curiosity inquired about her job. So Mom begins to tell them different aspects of her job (you know the things wives and mothers like to list that they do) and these women were so awed by this amazing and exciting and diverse job that Mom had. She really had them in the palm of her hand. And then she says, “And do you know what the best part of my job is?” They just couldn’t imagine. She responds, “I get to sleep with the Boss every night.” Uh-huh. You should have seen the look on some of their faces. It took a few moments for some of them to get it 🙂

I hold that story close to my heart and know that I too have the best job in the world — with all its perks and benefits.

The Boss and Mom still in harmony after 60 years

Mom (right) and I (middle) circa the time of the event

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